onsdag 10. september 2008


Right, so I'm pretty fucking fed up with the shit. I'm on Corporateshitbook (facebook) and am just about to check my requests when I suddenly see the most fucked up box I've ever seen on Facecock. "You have been invited to Scenekid gathering 9/20th". Not just do I ignore the request. I reply with a VERY spicy message: "You know, I do have ideals. YES I want Oslo to burn, I want the shitfaced majority to open their eyes and actually learn shit; but I DO NOT want a revolution as long as it means holding hands with you. You can take your My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage and all your other fake, sellout idols and shove them up your dolled out, pro-comercialism, dollarshitting mascaraarses. You say scene kids, goths, punks, emos and metalheads are invited? But how the fuck do you know that any of these even want to hang out with eachother or even be assosiated with one another? There already are places for punks in Oslo, but you probably never been to neither Barrikaden or Blitz because you're either too ignorant or you're simply against it. I don't need a bunch of fakeass makeupdolls to make me feel like a part of a society. You should at least have the desency to remove Punks from your invitation list because because I don't know any punks with a sense of selfrespect and dignity who would meet up at this event. If you concider coke, Bodymap and Tim Burton t-shirts punk rock you can fuck yourself. - Yours Truly, D. "

I kept thinking about this for a few hours, because this triggered something. "is this really today's definiton of punk rock?" Hooking up with a bunch of kids who concider themselves outcasts outside the biggest scenekid store in norway? What the fuck... But then I came to think about something that has been bugging my unconsciousness for years. How many of us do still cling to our ideals? I remember seeing all these actual Blitz kids drinking pepsi and sipping down coca cola, I remember all the hypocracy in the scene. Is punk rock more then just another scene? Is it more than just a dirty appeal and homemade clothes? Are we aware of our choices? Are we idealists or just lacking identity? I even remember this time when I was speaking to this girl at Blitz, I asked her about her political views and she said "she had a lot of own opinions". I asked what she meant by that and she told me "I think animal-cruelty is wrong and I hate war and Bush." ... Who the fuck with a right mind doesn't hate bush? Who likes war? Is this the modern day ideology that imprints the punk scene? These kids are wearing ACAB shirts and they don't even know why they hate the police! These kids are all members of the NDF and not even half of them are vegetarians, and fifty percent of the vegetarians are wearing expensive leatherjackets! Do you know what your bands sing about, bitch? What the fuck is Eminem doing right under Dead Gherardsens on your mp3 play... Ohmy fucking god is that a iPod? Does revolution come in a hairspray can? Does it come through your alternative press? Does it come with your leatherjacket? Does it come with your marrocan marijuana which probably cost several people their harvest and food because some mafia forced them to replace their corn with marijuana and cocaine plants? No. No it doesn't. You judge me for being a PC-Nazi. Fuck you. If these are my modern day revolutionaries then kill me please.

- V

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