onsdag 17. september 2008

Shoot the kids at school

This is part of my new column, which I will be updating once a week. It'll concist of one or more subjects I have thought about during that wednesday that's worth memorizing.

The importance of a alternative press submitted through blogs, wikis and independent, nonprofit newsorganizations is pretty relevant. Andrew Keen argues against it by complaining about how the narrowminded bloggers and independent, amateur reporters are imprinting the articles with their own opinions and views and steal good stories from educated reporters. Fucking bullshit, if it wasn't for the independent unorganized news platforms some news would never reach the surface. Dear A. Keen, do you realize that bloggers prevented a school masacre in Boston by bringing certain points of interests into the light about the students webspace where he had written about it on a pasword protected section? No ofcourse you don't. You hate the internet. Why should the established press run a monopoly on important news? This isn't really about your journalist pride, it's about how independence is killing your moneymaking and that really bugs you doesn't it, Andrew? You say these bloggers are unexperienced amateurs and that they do not bring out the complete story, but the independent news revolution has just begun and there will appear more organized and complete sources for information. Just like the selfsatisfying, libertyhating penisreplacement you call a education, Rome was not built in one day.But we will keep fighting, we will keep tearing down your towers of profitbased information and publish news and facts you would never dare even whispering about. That's journalism, not trying to make the article more controversial and acceptable. If kicking you verbally in your Berkley university-asshole makes me subjective, then I don't want to be objective.
Yours truly
- V

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