torsdag 12. mars 2009

I made this girl called bullshit give my brother head for a fix

I can't wait for summer. Staying out till dark, skateboarding and spraypainting the suburbs. Climbing trees and smoking pot on the beach. Brinigin my ghetto blaster with me everywhere I go. Last night I had one of those fucked up dreams again. This time I was with Steffen at this really strange big city made of wood and bricks in the middle of the forrest on a island. We had arrived there in a rowboat. There were gypsys and markets everywhere and the sky was constantly all crimson and stuff. We had no place to stay and were brought over by this old flameeater artist who lived in a tower of bricks, he gave us this strange dreamingdust that we were supposed to eat. After doing so we were attacked by gigantic waves that ate the entire city and turned everything into mud and sand. So we had to leave in our rowboat, later after days of roaming the sea we found this old tavern construccted on a bridge on top of the water where we stayed for a while. It's probably the best dream I've had in ages so I write it down here to remember it. Other than that we had the first official Meth Grinder jamming session today. We raped a black flag song and came up with some ideas about playing at this gig. Life is good and so is Agents of Change.

tirsdag 10. mars 2009


Yeah, next to this blog and the school blog that I never update I've also gotten myself a handy little mp3 blog full of hard to find underground shit. Ch-ch-check it out. Show your support!

lørdag 28. februar 2009

What the fuck happened to mr. Rogers?

I'm sleepless. Sleepless like a methfreak on his seventh day on the dust at a Atari Teenage Riot marathon... and yeah.. star wars and shit. Anyway, it feels like I am becoming more and more aware of myself, mainly my flaws. It's fucked up. The other day a friend of mine commented that he partly had lost his respect for me after a certain incident. I just froze and suddenly realized, what the fuck am I doing here? I am probably the last person in the world I would want to hang out with if I was someone else. My entire life is refering to lyrics, pretending to know it all yet having answers to nothing. I sit late at night and nod to the thought of my own ideas and completely forgets about reflecting around them, my ideas are as shallow as myself.
I am childish, annoying, unrealistic and disoriented. What the fuck? I copy everything around me and try to shape it into identity. I have ideals I can't back up and yet I follow them. I am too queer for the straight and too straight for the queer. Avoiding everything and constantly ending up confronting shit and backing out from it. I rip off and fuck up. Is this really who I am? If I try to look at myself as another person I think I'd actually ditch me and go hang out with someone else. I think I'd actually be talking about myself behind my back, honestly.
Even now, my confessions of selfawareness and acceptance of a new level of low self esteem I am whining over a fucking blog and calling it a personal revolution.
What the fuck is going on?
I am scared shitless.

mandag 2. februar 2009

Now with 80% less suck

Alright, so I'm sitting here, sober (first wrong step). Trying to find a way to pass my time, as usual I end up browsing random crack rock steady and general folk punk bands. All of a sudden I end up finding a band called Desertpunk with a myspace DP saying "smoke crack, hail satan" naturally, I am amazed to find such a band from norway and I enter their profile. That was the second step in the wrong direction.
I am clicking myself into their webpage and I find myself to be overwhelmed by flashy 3d animations and burning skulls like it's 1996. I think: goddamnit these guys use such cheesy graphics they gotta be sarcastic and click it... I click the fucking play button without thinking about the consequences. So all without any warning I am kicked in the head by the hard brutal truth about norwegian bands with cheesy graphics...

Soulless is the only word that can describe the sounds that are scratching my ears until they start bleeding out of pure abuse: Soullessness. It is like five seconds of pure, lyrical and musical rape. It's not that it's too fast or too hard or anything like that, it's not like the lyrics are too cheezy or anything like that... It's just so fucking lame. I realize by that second why I don't listen to rock music. It's the fucking dullest shit I ever heard and the lyrics sounds like something I couldn't even have pulled out of my blooddripping mangina. They're really that lame, making references to rocky movies and making the most dull, halfdrunk lovesongs that wouldn't even appear in my most distant nightmares.
Rock music in general suck, I mean, we have like fucking Turbonegro that tries to rebel through songs about destruction and beer and the most cheezy gimmicks, then we have nickleback and all those lame bands that never comes up with anything but the same whining moodless crap. I could mention about a million other bands that I hate but I won't take the time. I can even find this shit crawling up the creek making filthy filthy subgenres. Like this norwegian so called ska-rock band I found... it just sounds like pure monotone, mindless bullshit. If you find punk rock I don't like, it is either because of the ideals in the music, that it's too metally or the main reason: because it sounds too much like these fucking assholes.
I fucking hate rock music. Sure, you can go whining about how "if there wasn't rock music, there would never be ska or punk rock or crack rock steady or anything". Does it look like I fucking care? I hate the Beatles, I hate the rolling stones, I hate the Ramones and I hate every other fucking so called mother of modern rock. All these bands are fucking lame and it doesn't matter how many times you go on about origins, because I really don't care, I'm so glad I didn't have to suffer through the 70's because I'd have to be left with only a few amounts of bands who were not very different in style or musical direction. I'd rather die in the jazz age cause at least they could serve me some proper shit. Real proto dancehall. I know this sounds fucked up but I love the music that gets out today, Mad Conductor, Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Limp Wrist, Eskatol, Defiance, Ohio, Streetlight Manifesto and SMK, all these lovely bands that just takes as much distant from general rock music as possible. I don't even remember that there are such bands out there like U2, The Killers and Radiohead because I don't ever have to listen to it. I don't ever have to forcefeed myself with their bullshit and I can honestly say I've heard four greendays songs for the last five years. Ir might be ignorant, but hell , at least I'm safe for suffering through their corporate bullshit.
Piss out y'all
- V

lørdag 17. januar 2009

Crack cocaine lolipop

Sorry about the poetry bullshit but I swear I'll start posting proper, reflecting blog posts again. Just kinda fell off the edge lately face-first.

Bruised knees bruised knees
Give me fucking bruised up knees

When I'm sitting on the wall covering my bullshit palace of incomplete downloads
and dreams about running from the cops again
Sociopathy sociopathy sociopathy sociopathy sociopathy fuck myself all over the place

Pacifist V is a zombie give me Deli give me death
Give me speed give me excitement give me trouble
Gimme gimme gimme I need some more
Gimme gimme gimme don't ask what f-f-f-fuckhead fsfdoiasdrhjfueifhklsdafjløadjfalscCRRACKKKKKKKKZASHITZNIK.

Pacified myself all over the place
Who would have thought I would live to see my own future?
Who would have thought your hard, slimy member would penetrate me and I would accept it?

Not me, that's for sure.

I can't write about lost love, I can write about blowing up buildings.

Die! Then we're even.

So yeah, new year, new conflicts, new situationist comedies and new b-b-b-b-BULLSHIT.
Recently my life has been focused on getting arrested in the tenth richest town in norway by yet another band of hating Mallcops, I really do feel pity for them... I've also been reading a lot and been to a few protests against the Gaza holocaust. Last thursday I had to run from two cops with teargass. It was pretty fun, some kids smashed a McDonalds, all located by Oslo's most central shopping street. Now you may complain and start bitchin', going "how does fucking up your own country help Palestine?" Who the fuck said I'm in this for Palestine? Sure, I want solidarity and equal rights for everyone, and ofcourse I want the Israeli forces the fuck out of Gaza. But what really sickens me is how world's most domestic Empire walks over and takes the party of the Israeli government. I mean, I'm not one to judge a nation by it's government but the symbolism and idealism Israel forces express makes me wanna vomit. I do not smash window out of frustration because of one event, I do it cause of the intense non-stopping destruction of our liberty, the privatist bullshit that creates a market only for the buyhappies and leaves little left for youth or a collective way of mind, the streets do no longer belong to us and I shed a tear as I see important, highstanding people from inside the norwegian government sympathizing with the imperealist shitheads. Our government has been cooperating with oppressing americanized organizations since the 1940's and it seriously scares me.

Piss and love
- V