torsdag 12. mars 2009

I made this girl called bullshit give my brother head for a fix

I can't wait for summer. Staying out till dark, skateboarding and spraypainting the suburbs. Climbing trees and smoking pot on the beach. Brinigin my ghetto blaster with me everywhere I go. Last night I had one of those fucked up dreams again. This time I was with Steffen at this really strange big city made of wood and bricks in the middle of the forrest on a island. We had arrived there in a rowboat. There were gypsys and markets everywhere and the sky was constantly all crimson and stuff. We had no place to stay and were brought over by this old flameeater artist who lived in a tower of bricks, he gave us this strange dreamingdust that we were supposed to eat. After doing so we were attacked by gigantic waves that ate the entire city and turned everything into mud and sand. So we had to leave in our rowboat, later after days of roaming the sea we found this old tavern construccted on a bridge on top of the water where we stayed for a while. It's probably the best dream I've had in ages so I write it down here to remember it. Other than that we had the first official Meth Grinder jamming session today. We raped a black flag song and came up with some ideas about playing at this gig. Life is good and so is Agents of Change.

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