lørdag 17. januar 2009

Die! Then we're even.

So yeah, new year, new conflicts, new situationist comedies and new b-b-b-b-BULLSHIT.
Recently my life has been focused on getting arrested in the tenth richest town in norway by yet another band of hating Mallcops, I really do feel pity for them... I've also been reading a lot and been to a few protests against the Gaza holocaust. Last thursday I had to run from two cops with teargass. It was pretty fun, some kids smashed a McDonalds, all located by Oslo's most central shopping street. Now you may complain and start bitchin', going "how does fucking up your own country help Palestine?" Who the fuck said I'm in this for Palestine? Sure, I want solidarity and equal rights for everyone, and ofcourse I want the Israeli forces the fuck out of Gaza. But what really sickens me is how world's most domestic Empire walks over and takes the party of the Israeli government. I mean, I'm not one to judge a nation by it's government but the symbolism and idealism Israel forces express makes me wanna vomit. I do not smash window out of frustration because of one event, I do it cause of the intense non-stopping destruction of our liberty, the privatist bullshit that creates a market only for the buyhappies and leaves little left for youth or a collective way of mind, the streets do no longer belong to us and I shed a tear as I see important, highstanding people from inside the norwegian government sympathizing with the imperealist shitheads. Our government has been cooperating with oppressing americanized organizations since the 1940's and it seriously scares me.

Piss and love
- V

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