fredag 8. august 2008


Alright, since this has been my first official night I've staid the entire night at home in ages, I guess it's worth a post. The last couple of days I've been with my laidback hippie-compadre Joel. I've pretty much every night been forced to sneak in late at night and therefore also been unable to take a shower, since I mostly shower at nighttime cause I'm too busy hooking up with people at daytime. I suppose it's been relaxing just spending the night alone at home, watching some bad horrormovies (mark my words, BAD horrormovies. Not as in Isle of the dead bad, I'm talking motherfucking Ghost Lake BAD). I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I'm also glad to get a break from all the potsmoking that's been going on. It's not that that I've smoked a lot of it lately, it's just been some extremely good stuff. Anyhow, after a good long week of passing out at 4, drinking with exchild soldiers, smoking quality green and getting lost in the forrest I feel like I diserve a break.... for tonight. Tomorow I'll have to work even harder....crap.

- V

3 kommentarer:

Ida Nuit sa...

Hei Daniel. Så gøy at du også har en blogg.

Clumsybell sa...

Håhåhå!! Thumbs up! Dy har utnyttet sommerferien bra, kamerat :)

Best Friend sa...

er din laidback hippie-compadre Joel svensk, har halvlangt blondt hår og eier en blå boblevest?