fredag 8. august 2008


Well there's a first time for everyone. And now Daniel Carlsen is on purpose trying to make a shitlot of money before next weekend. Why, you say? Kanalrock, I say. This two-days huge ass punk rock festival going off at Horten the 16th and 17th. Most of the bands who plays there are bands who'd been wetting my panties if I wore any since I went to like... fifth grade. Among them Asta Kask, 999, Cockney Rejects and EXPLOITED. Now, I think the first of these bands that I got into was either Asta or Cockney Rejects but all these bands I've been listening to frequently since I first listened to them. I believe there will be moshing, there will be weed and there will be alcoholic beverages and hopefully I'll get to hang out with some of my favorite bands of all time. Now Kanalrock is located by this river in Horten, I'll be sharing a tentwith Martin who I met at Moss Pønkråkk. To get the money I've been doing stuff like drawing for this webpage, helping my grandmom with her grocery shopping and cleaning her appartment and cutting the lawn. Hopefully I've have enough for band merch, drugs, beer and all that other good stuff. I've checked out some of the other bands who're playing and pretty much all of them sound awesome, even Knuste Ruter are gonna show up. Which is definetly one of the greatest Oslo HC bands at the moment. Gatans Lag is this swedish Oi! band who're also coming, I love their song "min stad mitt land". I also owe some dope cash which I hope to be able to pay back soon. Life is good, but vacation is almost over. That makes me a sad little panda.

- V

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