lørdag 27. desember 2008

Columbine Rerun

Alright, V here. Back in action hopefully for a longterm this time. I am free, motherfuckers. I am chilling out curing my flu with a fuck lot of beer and mushroom soup (not the psychedelic kind of shrooms, y'know... just shrooms.)while typing these inspiring words supplying your little minds with that fine scent of selfdestruction while kickin' to the tunes of the Union Jack/Gerbs split I found in my mailbox just the other day. I am currently animal-free, oppression-free and most important of all institution-free. At home I have a gram of salvia awaiting my and a new years eve that will possibly send me into a coma. Freedom is taken, never given. You have to take it back. Sometimes that means kicking the motherfuckers in the teeth, sometimes it means sending a very sharp letter to some facist jerking off to the american stock market. I'm looking forward to tomorow when I'll be back on my feet and ready to roam the streets once again. All things concidered we're basically fucked.
Piss out, bitches
- V

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