torsdag 10. juli 2008


Today I finally received the Snutjävel package I've been waiting for for ages.
After much trouble with both bank accounts, post offices and all that shit. It's funny because I remember when I first ordered it from Rka I asked him that since I was buying the 7" if he couldn't send me the songs over mail so I could have them on my MP3 player too. I got the reply "Sorry, Snutjävel syslar inte med sånt." Whcih for all of you who dont know swedish means "Sorry, but Snutjävel don't do that stuff." In the begining I wondered, "What the fuck? What's his problem?" The funny thing was that I was really sceptic to these guys ideals, think of it: They didnt want me to be able to have the songs on my computer and spent a awful lot of time on sending it... But along with the t-shirt and the 7" Rka had sent me a swedish fanzine. Cow:Files #6 where in they had a interview with Snutjävel. I started reading it and suddenly the entire waiting period, the refusal to send songs over email and all the other stuff seemed very exciting. In the interview Rka spoke about DIY, ofcourse I know about DIY from before, but this kind of opened my eyes. What's really more exciting? Browsing through a fuck load of mp3 files to skip a lot of songs because you're too busy doing other things aside from listening to it because you're just waiting for that other song you actually intended to download along with the other fucklot OR to receive a 7 inch in the mail along with a t-shirt from the band, with a handwritten message inside the envelope and a fanzine. Spending time and effort on doing things in that tradition really makes it more enjoyable. It really does! This reminded me excactly why I love receiving letters rather than e-mails, making my own dinner rather than buying some steril product at the local shop. I mean, finding new exciting bands over the internet is great and if it wasn't for the internet I prolly'd never even hear about Snutjävel, but actually receiving something sent to you from a actual person, something real and physical is a whole lot different than running through a archive of music that you probably will never give your full attention to. I love vinyls and I love that first listening, lying in my bed and reading the lyric sheet as the song goes, that knittery sound and then putting the 7" back in its folder and putting it on the top of the record pile for then to put the mailenvelope it came in up on the wall. That's pretty much why I love DIY, weither its records or food or shows or whatever.
Here are some pics of the t-shirt, the 7" and me fucking around.

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Clumsybell sa...

Fotograf gone all crazy. Vinyl er best.Det lærte jeg i barnehagen, nemlig.

Vegetarianiel sa...

Liek totally!

Snezhana sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.