torsdag 19. juni 2008

What holiday?

On my way to Oslo the other day, I came to think about something, that entire year I had been looking forward to the summer vacation. I mean, I'm not excactly a study-person, at least not in the the norwegian institutions. I mean, I'm not saying education is wasted, it just doesn't match with my current lifestyle. I'm not interested in rotting in a social cage my entire life, so why would I want further education? But for some reason I am studying media and communication. possibly just because I enjoy making flyers, movies and websites and that Skedmo VGS provides excellent resources for my works (I usually steal away resources like cameras, programs and stuff like that for ages at a time). Anyhow, I suddenly realized something: Why the fuck was I really looking forward to the summer holidays? For those of you who do not know: since Christmas I have spent more than 32 days away from school, excluding holidays. I had been looking forward to the holidays because of the shows I was gonna see, but I'm always going to shows. I mean, I can't remember one single month this year when I havent been to see at least one or two shows. So doesn't that pretty much make my entire life a continuing holiday? At least this year has been pretty pleasant except for shrink-visits, fights at home and constant run-aways, my time has been dedicated more to drinking than homework, school and work.
Can it be that the reason why I am looking forward to the holiday is because I feel guilt?
I haven't noticed it myself, but can it be because I constantly disapoint certain people around me? It can't be because of my disapointment in myself, I honestly don't have any. I live as freely as I can and try to make the most out of even rainy-days. I remember a few weeks ago, my shrink asked me; What do Daniel Carlsen want with his life?
The answer: I want things to stay this way.
Peace out, bitches, holidays starts tomorow and I can't fucking wait to go to Moss Punk Rock Festival.

P.S. Don't worry, I will get my hands on a camera someday soon, blogs without photos are fucking square. And not in a sexual way.

2 kommentarer:

Oliv sa...

Jag känner igen mig som fan i det du skriver. Men jag tror stenhårt på att ens framtid kommer bli bra, bara man håller fast vid det man tror på, och står för sig själv.

Best Friend sa...

det blir iallefall bra med fint vær da, eller hur?